Today I'm Being Nostalgic

Dear Mr. Ted,

Please come home soon. How about tonight? I miss you. Buddy is clean, Amy and I gave him a really good bath. We got wet, but he doesn't smell bad. See? A good smelling dog is waiting for you. That means you should come home. And your wife? She doesn't smell half bad either.

All my love,

It started when I was perusing some pictures for the sake of remembering my sweet husband, and how he admires me. I don't have the specific picture on my computer because it was taken with a Kodak disposable camera from Sedona, which cost about $15. No, really.

Then I got to thinking about more fun memories and soon the picture album above emmerged. I'll will probably be gone next time I want to post something, but it's here now.

There's one picture in particular that I really like. It's Ted, me, and our friend Ben (yes Megan, your husband!) ... I burned myself pretty badly. I picked a pot lid off a burner that I did not know was on and hurt my poor fingers pretty badly. Ben brought over some supplies but before that Ted took really good care of me. My roommate called her EMT dad, and Ted nursed my little fingers until they felt a lot better. No scars.

Another picture I love is when we're holding the strawberries. It was on vacation in CA last summer. I had the best time on that vacation. And those strawberries were dang good! I just remember feeing so relaxed and going back to that memory in my mind makes me so happy. I don't think I'll ever be that care free again.

So many wonderful memories and good friends and family members. Makes me so glad to be me.


Megan said...

I was telling Ben (and showed him the picture) and he said that he remembered how bad your finger were burnt. Ouch, I can't even imagine!

Cute pictures, itsn't fun to look back on memories!

Yea! for Ted being back! (I hate being away from my hubby too :-/ )

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

eewww, Dusty was in New York for a week just a couple weeks ago and it's hard to feel like you have any purpose while they're gone. i mean it's not like life stops, but well, it might as well. Exaggerating?'s debatable. and sleeping in a bed by yourself is STINKY.
I'm glad he's coming home to you!

Heather said...

Cute pics, you guys have the best smiles!