They say there are approximately 16 servings in a regular sized box of Wheat Thins. For me, there are about 2.5.

Last Sunday Ted and I were sitting in Church. Sundays are hard eating days for me. It takes me forever to pull myself away from the comfy haven that is my pillow top mattress and belly pillow. Oh how I love my bed! Every other day I have to get up before I want to, especially Saturdays, but Sunday allows me an hour more rest. I try to take advantage of that and then push it as far as I can. And then I rush to get ready, sadly. And I don’t always get a good breakfast. I normally wait so long to eat on Sundays that by time I do my pregnant stomach (like a normal stomach, but the owner is pregnant so it functions differently) is on strike. Last Sunday I managed a piece of french toast with applesauce. Not as good as I should be doing.

So I packed a good snack for Church. I’m one of those people who eats my way though Sacrament meeting… unless it’s fast Sunday. Then I munch, delicately, so others around me aren’t forced to drool and/or pinch me. This past Sunday I packed dried pineapple rings and a granola bar. This is a great Sunday snack. I pulled out a golden juicy pineapple ring, ripped it in half (I have to share with my non-pregnant husband) and took a bite. I wretched the moment the fruit hit my tongue. My body did NOT want something sweet. … Stange how my body and I work on separate plains; I feed it something, it says no.

Ted suggested some granola bar. I tried a bite. Not as bad, but it wasn’t going to happen.

“I want something salty. I can’t eat anything sweet. It doesn’t feel good!” I told my sweet husband. He thought on that for a while and I resigned myself to the fact that I might stay hungary for the next two and a half hours. I dreamed of the shepherds pie at home in my refrigerator, left over from the night before, when ted leaned forward to the row in front of us.

He conferred with Sister Stearns briefly, I assumed about something cute one of her brood had said or done, and then she handed me a bag of Wheat Thins! There were 3.5 Wheat Thins to be exact. I gladly took them and my husband beamed for pride in his manly food procuring skills. Who’s the bread winner (read: Wheat Thin) in our home? Ted.

I munched on my 3 and a half Wheat Thins, happily. My needy taste buds were temporarily satiated.

Moral of the story: I have no idea. I just like to share examples of my husband’s funny way of providing for his wife. He’s really good at taking care of me. I didn’t know how mucky I would be when I married him, but I find out more and more every day. (Can THAT be the moral of the story?)

Oh and this morning, I ate half a box of Wheat Thins. Someone created a monster.


The Evans Family said...

Hehehe! Cute post! Nice husband. :)

Oh, and you don't have to fast when you're pregnant or nursing!!!

k.c. said...

Oh Candace, I'm well aware. And who would anyway? ... I just try to keep it so people around me aren't drooling while I'm eating at church because I can't not eat for 2 hours.

Heather said...

I ♥ Wheat Thins, I'm not pregnant and I can down half a box, they are addicting!

Adams Family said...

that's funny. it's wierd but the whole time i was reading this I was thinking of a box of wheaties cereal. I have no idea why. I didn't understand the salty part until I thought about it really hard and realized that you were talking about wheat thins, crackers. haha.

heidi said...

i agree, wheat thins are a good one when you are prego not too much sweet or yucky flavor to make you even more sick. to me they had this ability to fill my stomach which helped to make me feel better. subway was also really good to me in that way. it's all in the bread & wheat!