How Sweet It Is to Be Loved By You!

We've been making some sweets lately. I'm not always necessarily in the mood for sweets, but that's how the most recent tasty treat come about.
It's a regular old no-bake cheesecake (suuuuch an easy recipe!) with a pretzel crust. Oh how I love the intertwining of the sweet and salty! ... Even if I can't finish 1 piece. Here is what remained in our refrigerator after dinner with dear friends last night.

These darling gems were in honor of Valentine's Day, Ted and I made red velvet cupcakes. These darlings held just a little dollop of cream cheese frosting each. So delectable. So moist. So... much potential to dye your fingers, counters, bowls, and tongue.

About two weeks back, when we got a good deal of snow, Ted instructed us all (me, Buddy, and the Sprinkles) in the fine art of snow cream making. It's basically just a lot of soft, fluffy snow (a LOT), sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla. Sure is good though. One of the top 10's for why I fell in love with Ted. ... maybe.

Throughout or recent adventures we've had very pleasant company. The Sprinkles are always a welcome addition to any culinary road we wander down ... normally a regular addition.

And then there's Buddy. Even more regular. He's desperate for us to drop something every time we're in the kitchen. Baking is hard on him because it's not like cutting things, where carrots, lettuce, and other such items have a strange tendency to go leaping off the cutting board in directly into his mouth. Although, he does have a strange affinity for flour...

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Erin said...

Can you believe I grew up in Flagstaff and have NEVER made ice cream from snow? It's a real shame. I'll have to try it sometime... although snow is a little hard to come by in Southern AZ.

Megan said...

I've actually never heard of making ice cream from snow, but it sounds like an awesome idea, I can't wait to try it.

Brewster is the same way about the kitchen or when we're at the table. She actually drools so much, that I eventually kick her out (its not fun stepping into that drool later on when you've completely forgotten about it).

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

yummy yummy things! I'm sad I have to go to class right now or else I would stay home and make dusty and I a lovely dinner with dessert...because you just so inspired me. maybe tomorrow...