Half My Heart is in Phoenix

Oh my. I have friends whose husbands are in the military. They go far away to serve our country and keep us safe, for long periods of time. I have a friend, about to embark on a beautiful beginning with her sweetheart, and she'll be separated from him for a few months just after they are married. Commuter couples, the live in separate places their whole lives, sometimes. My dad worked in California Monday - Thursday while my mom and siblings were in Mesa for... a long time. Sometimes, during the summer, my friend's husband works with the forest service to fight those nasty, nasty fires that threaten us greatly in the north country. Sometimes she can't talk with him for 36 plus hours. EGADS!


I get lonely when my husband has to work overtime. The best part about leaving work is going home to wait with Buddy until Ted gets home... albeit Buddy paces from the couch to the back door, running a rut in the tile floor, and I choose to wait on the couch watching Nightly World News, under Aunt Leora's blanket. And now Ted is off in Phoenix at a transit conference and he won't be back until THURSDAY NIGHT! ... This is sad, people. Seriously.

I remember when my best friend (Did I say best friend? I meant sister, separated at birth -) got home from her mission, I delayed seeing her an entire 24 hours because Ted couldn't get off work. I don't do the "apart" thing. I prefer to sleep in the same bed with my husband every night, no matter how much my pregnant body yearns to sleep smack-dab in the middle of the bed (am I seeing a high point...?) How will I survive?

So far my plans include broccoli with cheese and a reeeeally yummy brownies. A lot of them.

Siiiiiiiiiiigh. I've come to the utterly certainly conclusion that married people aren't meant to be apart.


The Evans Family said...

I hear ya...I do NOT like being apart from Jonathan!! Especially sleeping apart. We've probably only been apart at night...MAYBE 5 times in the last 4 years, and it's been 5 times too many!

Geneva said...

I had to endure three weeks apart from the hubby. It totally stinks. And I'd get so grumpy missing him that I was mad whenever I talked to him because he was the one making me miserable. And there wasn't even a pregnancy attached! Good luck waiting it out!