A Century of Postings

Who would have thought this blessed day would arrive on a Tuesday? Tuesdays aren't notable for much. But now they are... I guess.

I thought I'd share my fun news today, in my 100th post. Today, on this run-of-the-mil Tuesday, we heard our baby's heart beat!! And I must say, it was better than the wave in the soundless ultrasound (oxymoron?) we had last month. *siiiiiiiiiigh* It was a good beat. Fast, consistent, male... Okay, we don't really know from the sound of the heart beat that it's a boy, but I want it to be a boy. And Ted does to. To quote, "I'll be happy with a boy or a girl... especially a boy."

In other news, it's going to snow this week. Again. Just when the nasty icy gray snow was beginning to melt away from the heatwave (33 degrees, approximately) along comes a new wave of craziness. AS MUCH IS NOT MORE than last time. That's a few feet! Blast. But at least the snow makes the cold "worthwhile." That's a good thing. (Who am I? Martha Stewart??)

Stay tuned for the February header, coming up in ... February. Maybe sooner if I tire of proclaiming the new year's arrival.

Happy Tuesday!


Megan said...

That's exciting to hear the heart beat! I hear that boys are harder (for lack of a better word) to carry, but since you don't really have anything to compare to, that's useless information. But that would be awesome for you guys to get a boy. Have you started thinking of names yet? Or are you waiting closer to the due date to do that? I don't know what I would do. But I think its always fun to think of names!

Anyways, Happy 100th Post! I'm no where near that, haha.

heidi said...

very exciting, i always loving hearing the heart beat... never gets old

& happy 100th post

The Graham Crackers said...

I love hearing the heartbeat for the first time, it's soo exciting! boys are so fun! I'm sure with whatever you guys have, you will be the best parents!

Heather said...

Happy 100th Post! And Ultrasounds are always fun.

Jace & Erin said...

I love love love your new header! I don't think that I've seen a wedding picture as cute as that one. So cute.