President Hinckley and Lucy

There were 2 sad losses in my life recently: President Gordon B. Hinckley, prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and my family's dog, Lucy.

I know that President Hinckley's actions were much father reaching than Lucy's, but Lucy was an important part of my family. I can't lament one loss without the other when both integral parts of my life passed so closely together. While this is meant with no iota of disrespect, I find some similarities I'd like to share.

President Hinckley made so many people happy, he offered hope. He lead this great worldwide Church nobly and righteously. He came from a humble upbringing, of goodly parents, and made a wonderful life for his family. I love reading Sister Hinckley's words regarding her husband and their life together. She had the greatest love and respect for her husband. I love the picture above which shows Pres. Hinckley and his wife. It makes my heart glad that they're together again.

Lucy made people happy, too. Lucy especially made my little sister happy. Lucy really was, more than anyone else's, Anna's dog. She slept in Anna's bed, waited for Anna to get home from school, and when she followed anyone, it was Anna. In her last days, Anna spoon fed this little beagle, who had problems raising her head. Lucy also came from humble circumstances. She was a lab dog. When my mom worked at ASU, she took Lucky home and we quickly renamed her Lucy. She hated prickly grass and toilet paper in bulk. She had some strange tendencies, and maybe some slight short-term memory loss, but we still loved her.

President Hinckley probably never had any memory loss, despite his great age of 97. He was sharp as a tack. I am awe-struck at the way he lead the building of temples, the strengthening of stakes and missions, and the growth of the Church with humility and love. Being a convert to the Church in 1999, President Hinckley was the only prophet of the Church I have ever known.

My family moved to Arizona in 1998. Lucy was the first pet we ever had. We had moved into a new house in 1999 and my mom brought her home not long after that. So, essentially, Lucy and President Hinckley came into my life at the same time and exited at the same time.

Dogs love virtually unconditionally. I think the same of President Hinckley. Even when he was offering words of correction, he did so encouragingly, always urging the Saints to do their very best and then do a little better.

I hope you don't feel offended that I've compared such a great man with a household pet. While President Hinckley was great in the world and in the eyes of the Lord, Lucy was great in our family, and especially in the eyes of my little sister. I'm sad to see both of them pass. There will be another prophet called to lead the Church and he will do this in a like manner to President Hinckley. Even though this may be true, there will never be another President Hinckely, and that's something he has in common with Lucy.

But to President Hinckley, thank you for teaching us to walk in the light. Thank you for buoying my testimony and providing an beautiful example of service, sacrifice, and love. Hug your wife for me!


The Haban Family said...


I didn't know you were a convert!! Are you the only member in your family or did your whole family join? That is so awesome! I have a great love for converts of the church! So ... I LOVE YOU!! :o)

Pammy said...

I am so sorry to hear about Lucy... I really like her... and of course Gordon B. Hinckley :)

The Evans Family said...

I'm so sorry about Lucy; she sounds and looks like she was a sweet addition to your family that will be sorely missed.