For all you Askers

Pictured above: I had the baby, he grew up really fast, and here's an updated family picture.
Okay, not really.

People have been asking me for things. Not normal things like my autograph or my million dollar winning cookie recipe. Irregular things. Never in my life did someone ask for a picture of my stomach. It's just strange.

But on a serious note, several people have asked how this incubation is coming along. So I thought I'd update you... briefly.

It's good. I'm good. Nemo is doing just fine, or so he tells Ted every day in irregularly complex sentences for an unborn child. I've been super tired lately but I don't let it get the best of me; I just sleep in later in the morning until I'm over it. I don't like to eat chicken in an altered form, still, meaning no pounded, nuggeted, boneless-skinless, or other various forms of chicken off the bone. I don't like bread with seeds, anything with too much garlic or onion (VERY out of character) or the idea that my constant cravings for fish will harm me in some way. Ted is patient and kind to me. He listens to my complaints about my skin being too tight, being tired, having to pee with little results... or anything else that I decide to whine about. There is not a better man on earth. Sorry.

Oh, and we get to hear the baby's heartbeat tomorrow at our doctor's appointment. We've seen it, in the ultrasound, but this will be like uterine music to my weary ears. I've very excited.

Besides all that, life carries on as normal. We found our Buddy is very fond of and gentle towards babies and we already knew he is obsessed with children. This was a great relief to me as I feared the day I'd have to pick between my baby and my hairy child... I mean, who would take care of the baby?? ... (Just kidding. But I really have worried about this. I'm so very smitten by my dog.)

Ted and I both have today off so we're seizing the opportunity for Ted to paint the bathroom. It's about time. We've been meaning to get around to that during the past 9 months since we bought our house. .... I can't join him in the painting fun but I will do a once over with an anti-mildew cleaner to prep. And just to make it even I'll clean the toilet for the next 6 months. Wait. How about 6 months after the next six months? ...

My irregular cone displacement (or something like that, ask my eye doctor) in my eyes is causing the computer screen to spin i circles (i kid you not) so on that note, enjoy the update. I miss you, probably, and I certainly hope you're doing well.

Any to Mary Anne, I'm glad you discovered who thinks you have a sexy pouty face. It's true.


Geneva said...

Yay for baby! And a million dollars for a cookie recipe? I only ask for things that are free.

k.c. said...

No, I WON a million dollars for it... an squandered my winnings on flour etc. to make another million dollar cookie recipe. ... But it flopped so I was out 1 mil. My bad.