Lots of Snow but Sparse on Words

My Boys

I love my husband and dog so much that I talk about them in almost every post. This time, let me just share the visual. Above: Buddy the Wonder Dog and the One-of-a-Kind Super Husband.

We're In Too Deep!

How much snow did we get? We got that much... under the overhang. More elsewhere. Maybe more pictures to come. Maybe not. Awwwh, my little Buddy boy's head made it in the picture. SO typical. He's kind of a ham. Where DOES he get it?


Trevor & Taytum said...

Okay, so I am totally not a blog stalker, but every once in a while I do in fact blog hop. I came across yours (while reading Lindsey's) and read about your being pregnant! YAY! I just found out I am too. My first dr.'s appointment is tomorrow and I am more than a little freaked. I don't know my exact due date, but I figure you are probably about a month ahead of me.

Congrats! (oh and I read most of this on one of your other blog sites. I love all your thoughts on being pregnant. You nailed almost every thought I have had...including the pulling sensation when sneezing!)

Megan said...

You don't like camping?? You're crazy! Haha, but I do understand about not wanting to camp in cold weather, it isn't that fun.

That's soo crazy how much snow you guys have! I wan to come up and go skiing. Do you like skiing or snowboarding?

Heather said...

Brrr, so much snow! Have fun playing and I will have fun down here in the 60ish degree weather. I like to visit snow I've decided.

heidi said...

every time i see snow pictures like these, i'm always so amazed since i have never grown up in snow, i'm sure it's cold but it just looks so fuN!

Pammy said...

Kelly... You are so hilarious!!! Have I ever told you that I think that you should write a book or something... you have this enate way of making EVERYTHING sound exciting!!!! YOU ROCK!!!