That's Right, I'm Part Grandma.

I'm in Chicago. Who leaves to Chicago on a moment's notice, anyway? Well, me. And Ted. When my dad is pretty sick. BUT! Even though he's not very well, he's getting better and that's news I'm happy to share. This isn't about my dad though. Let me tell you something else.

I love my grandmas. They are the coolest ladies. My great-grandma Frieda is 93 years old. She has red hair, amazingly (or artificially), and she worked from the time she was 15 until she was 68. She tells the best stories but she isn't a story teller. The things that make her stories so great are little pieces of her life that fascinate me. For instance, stories about her dad's garden, rows and rows of compost ridden veggies that her mom always canned. Man, how I wish I could have met my great-great grandparents! Or, stories about my Aunt Lil, her sister, who I remember but not really. I remember her dog, Holly, who we inherited, better than I remember her. ... The first dog that ever bit me....

My grandma, Goggy, my mom's mom, has something so special about her. Everything about her reminds me of being young. From the moment I see her and she says, "Well hello there!" - and I get a whiff of her wonderful Youth Dew perfume I hop aboard for a trip to a simpler time. Everything in Goggy's house has been around since before I was around. She has been on her toes, selling real estate, for 37 years. In between stories from my childhood and stories about my distant relatives Goggy takes calls from clients and apraisers, almost all of whom are friends and friends of friends. She's a dynamic women who will never stop moving.

Top it all off with some great food and my sweet husband along with me and it stacks up to a great time. I love to spend time with my grandmas because they are each part of me. They live so far away and even though I grew up very close to them, I've been away for a long time. Being with them when I'm out here reminds me of the good parts about being in Illinois. It strips away the traffic, hurriedness, insane gas prices, and all the things that can make the Chicagoland area a tough joint.... In short, it's the best. I love the women in my family.


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Geneva said...

So I always remember to bring the apron when you aren't there! We missed you today!