Disclaimer: I Respect Dave Barry. Really.

Did you know I enjoy the antics of Dave Barry? I do. He makes me cock my head and laugh. Sometimes internally, sometimes through my nose. Either way, I laugh.

Up until now, no one else could write just the way Dave Barry can. But I have unveiled his secrets and writing like Dave Barry is surprisingly simple. Let me give you an example.

In his 2007 year in review article, Dave gave the following statement:

"On the economic front, the dollar continued to lose value against all major foreign currencies and most brands of bathroom tissue."

Seems well thought out, I know. But it's not. It's just a matter of closing his eyes and pointing. Sheer probability. I would submit to the educated public the Dave keeps a running tally of "funny things" (technical term) such as bathroom tissue, pineapple, Richard Simmons, and murder. This list is of course subjective.

Dave begins with his set up, which, he thought up, kind of, being that it's based on an actual real life event: The American dollar's dropping value. Then, he closes his eyes, swirls his fated finger in the air above the "funny things" and WHAM! He drops his finger on an item, this time it's toilet paper. Now Dave knows he needs to equate the plummeting value of our money to toilet paper.

The real talent lies in the filler. Dave uses words in between his two main thoughts such as, "most brands of" - derived of course from the selected "funny thing."

So, there you have it. So long as you can think of smooth and easily understandable filler, come up with a list of randomly funny things (listen to your children), and pay attention to the world around you, you too can write with the flair of Dave Barry. Let me know what you come up with.

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Pammy said...

Oh honey I don't need to learn to write like Dave Berry... I AM Dave Berry... okay there might be an essence of an identity crisis in that statement... oh well what I should say now is that I read the article and thought it was HILARIOUS... Love ya!