The best part of my life is unselfishness: unselfishness from me and towards me. It's hard to be unselfish but it's so very rewarding. It reminds me of the scripture that says we can never repay the Lord because as soon as we try to, and to do something good, He blesses us. That's how it is when you are unselfish and serve someone else.

My husband is the easiest person for me to be unselfish towards... still, I'm not great at it, but it's easiest. It's easiest because he rewards me with his smile and his sweetness. "You're the best part of my life" he tells me. "You make everything in my life better."

Ted has always been selfless towards me and he serves me. He shows me how much he loves me this way.

It's fun to be less selfish in relation to other people too. Try it. Be conscious of helping others for one day. (Sometimes that's about all you can take at one time.) It's the best.


Heather said...

My honey is very unselfish to me too. Makes it easier to continue to serve him.

Megan said...

Haha, yeah, I kinda do look like you in that picture! I think I ask this everytime, but I have yet to get an answer. How's your pregnancy going?

Isn't it great to have such a good husband?!

Dusty + Mary Anne said... I read this comment about my sexy face on Erin's blog and had to investigate who in the world said that...only to find a long lost person in my life named kelly. how fun! and i love the way you write...i could read your blog all day long. you're FUNNY. i'm officially adding you to my list of people to check up on.