These are a few of my favorite things from today

Time: 6:10 am, Friday, December 21
Place: My side of the bed
Ted scoots into bed with Kelly on her side. Since she is strikingly close to the edge of the bed, she's certain he's about to lay ON her and make her bladder explode.
TED: I'm not going to lay on you and make your bladder explode
Kelly laughs in her head. It's good to laugh in your head first thing in the morning.
Ted, showered, dressed, and ready to leave for work in 5 minutes cuddles up to his wife.
TED: You're the best thing that's ever happened to be since birth.
Kelly gives some sort of half asleep response and kisses Ted on the cheek. He's satisfied and off to work.

Time: 8:20 am, Friday, December 21
Place: Crowder living room/Ted's work
KELLY: You have condiments at work, right? So I don't have to worry about bringing any for the burgers for lunch?
TED: Yup, we have condiments.
KELLY: Okay, see you at noon then.
TED: Okay, sounds good.
KELLY: Bye, honey.
TED: It's your birthday tomorrow.
KELLY: What?
TED: It's your birthday tomorrow.
KELLY: Yeah, I remember.
TED: Okay, bye.

Two reasons why I love my husband today: He can't leave the house before he comes back to bed and cuddles up next to me long enough to tell me something wonderful. And he reminds me of my birthday when I forget about it. Which is easy to do, apparently. Just don't try to remember.

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