**If you want to avoid the 2007 recap, read the large print. And click on the pictorial review for a more in depth look**

2007 was a great year for me, there's no denying that. I'm going to share some of my favorite high points, but you have to share a favorite too, okay? You don't have to blog about it if you don't want to, you can just comment. I'd love to hear a reminiscent joy from from your 2007.

2007 started out, for me, as 2006 did: In Chicago. But this time I was MARRIED. Chicago was wonderful with Ted. So many things to show him and so much fun to be had!! Then I started working full time at NAU - it had it's ups and downs. I also jumped head first into my last EVER semester at NAU. Ted and I bought our first home in March (causing me some anxiety) and closed on the house the same week we got the dog-love of our lives, Buddy. We traveled to CA to see my family for Easter. We tore some things apart and had some phenomenal help painting and doing other such projects in the home remodel stage that is perpetual and we're still in. I graduated from NAU in May. I switched NAU tracks in May and began working at the Institute for Human Development, a welcome change. Ted took 3 summer classes - not really "fun" but it helped him get ahead. We went to Big Bear Lake, CA and rented a cute cabin and spent time with my family again, including a trip to Knotts Berry Farm, which Ted loved. The summer brought many fun times grilling and camping with friends. You can't beat good friends and good food. Oh, and of course Wednesday night dinners with the Hardys began this summer. My brother Rob moved in with us at the beginning of the fall semester. Ted started back to school with only 2 more semesters. Oh, and we found out, in October, that we were expecting!! Thanksgiving was filled with great food, family, and news-spreading. Then, of course, the holiday shopping began. I always love that. Then, here in Flagstaff, it snowed, unseasonably early. Our 1 year anniversary was spent in Lake Havasu, longer than wanted, but so full of blessings. My birthday, Ted's birthday, and Christmas all came and went: the winter holidays.

And here we are today, all highlighted out! The whole year was splattered with friends, family, laughing, and a lot of hard work. It has been a most memorable year that I will never forget.

I don't make new years resolutions. Not that I'm too good for them, quite the opposite, really. They're too good for me and I don't keep them. I try to make little changes in my life when needed and more could always be made. So no resolutions. But how about a revelation for 2008? I have a little premonition that it's going to be a year of adventure. Maybe not the conventional-cars-exploding-die-hard-romancing-treasure-finding adventure Hollywood would have my life defined by. Rather, first. Adventurous firsts. First man in the Crowder family to earn his degree! First baby! First time I'll live in another state than my family? Who knows. So much is just around the corner. So stay tuned. And my heart-felt wishes for an adventurous 2008 to you!!


Heather said...

Very nice recap of '07. I wish you the best 2008 full of wonderful firsts, especially with a little one and graduations complete. Now you are really "living".

My favorite 2007??? Hmm, that is a toughie, I don't feel like anything monumental happened, Phil did graduate though. If only I could also claim an '07 pregnancy I would be complete. So hears to 2008!

k.c. said...

Agreed! Here's to '08, with the wonderful graduation accomplishment of '07 never to be forgotten!

Lindsey said...

Kelly, this is Lindsey Wilkins- hope you remember me. Anyways, your blog cracks me up- I love to read it. Congrats on the baby, please be sure to post pictures of your baby bump, those are always a crowd pleaser!

The Haban Family said...

i want to see more pictures of your house ... it looks cute!!!

Glad you had a GREAT year!! Hope '08 is wonderful too.

And what's this about living in a different state?!?!

Megan said...

Man, you've had a busy busy year!

How have you been feeling lately? Pregnancy wise?

And you should definitely go to San Francisco someday, it's a fun place to visit!

The Evans Family said...

2008 will automatically be an adventure-fill one JUST because you will be a new mommy!!!

My 2007 highlight was definitely the birth of my sweet little guy, David. I love him so much it hurts! I squish & kiss him ALL THE TIME! :)