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the other day i ate a lot of Pizza. it wasn't great Pizza, it was papa johns which is better than Pizza hut and especially dominoes. i digress... i unbuttoned my jeans because it was just me and ted and dog child at home. but that didn't work. i tried fiddling with the zipper a bit. not so much. still tight. then it hit me! - "ted! it's not my pants that are too tight. it's my skin!!" a grave injustice ... so not fair because i love Pizza so much that it's the only capitalized word in this story.

once when i was little, my sister Niki told me that the lilac bushes on the side of the yard were hot dog bushes. i waited all stinkin' day for the darn hot dogs to bloom! ... i've kind of always liked hot dogs and have only sometimes liked Niki. but she's capitalized too, so it's okay.

also, same times period as the hot dogs, when i was little i was eating salami rolled up with ketchup in the middle. because my mom let me do things like that. and i ate hand fulls of butter out of the refrigerator. (and i wonder about my thighs?!) anyway, eating salami. went to my friends house - an apartment building where you go in the lobby, ring the unit you want, and they buzz you up. but they weren't there. so i tried to leave but that darn salami made my hands so greasy that i couldn't open the door! and then my friend and the same sister as before came by and they just laughed at me. i was like, 4. and crying. no point to this story, just something i remember.

why do all my random stories involve food? i think it's because i'm hungry. ... and for lunch i had cambells alphabet vegetarian vegetable Soup. so good!!

point of the story: Pizza makes your skin too tight, lasagna for dinner, had Soup for lunch, used to wait for the hot dogs to bloom, and my mom actually let me eat rolled up salami with ketchup in it.

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The Haban Family said...

Okay ... EWWW!!! Salami and ketchup?!? I'm not a huge fan of ketchup anyways, but now it really doesn't appeal to me!! haha!! You were probably a crazy kid.

It was SOOOO hard to get rid of our dog. I cried. But, it's all for the better.

And I promise I will do a post about the "pay it forward" ... things have been crazy!