How I Spent my Anniversary Vacation or Trapped in Havasu

Let me start off this tale by saying, previous to this weekend, I knew no one who lived in Lake Havasu. Now I know Cheryl, Denise, Jerry, Haley, Tim, Richard, Sherry, Romeo, Jodi, Brett, Oscar, Jason, and Tiago. Three of those are animals, as in people's pets.

Lake Havasu was enjoyable. It was normal at first: Saw the bridge, had lake side picnic, relaxed for too many hours in the hotel, went to dinner, lost the exhaust-everything from the bottom of the car, got towed to the only place that could fix it, that wouldn't open for 2 more days ... WAIT, the last part wasn't so normal, was it? I hope not. I hope not everyone has mini get-aways like that.

But it's true. Went to dinner, stopped at a light, started again and we were dragging the exhaust. How is this possible, you may ask, when our car is a 2007? It just is. We're just that lucky. No, really. Let me explain.

Lake Havasu is wonderful. Not because it is a beautiful place (but has many lovely areas) or because it's a hip-happenin' place (at least not in December!) ... but because of the beautiful saints who live there. Not the catholic variety, but the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day variety.

Ted called up the local ward's bishop office Sunday morning... the morning after we waited an hour to get towed and watched the temperature drop 3 degrees and after I almost lost control of my bowels in a tow truck (Pregnant, remember? Loosing space for storage of other vitals.) A brother Planinz answered and said, "Be ready at 8:30, someone will pick you up at the hotel." And someone did. He did. And I went to church in jeans and a striped sweater and ballet flats. Because it was better than the polo I wore the day before.

And then the Omers offered us a place to stay. And I cried and embraced this woman's able frame. But Jerry had a cold so we didn't stay there. But that didn't keep them from insisting we take their second vehicle (which they didn't need because Jerry recently lost his job) filled with Christmas CDs and a map of the city and gas. ... And Even though we didn't stay at the Rodgers' (but they did offer) home, they did feed us an amazing breakfast, allow us to play with their mini Italian Gray Hound, Romeo, and play Settlers of Catan with us, no matter how inexperienced we were. But we didn't stay there for the night. We ate dinner with the Derus who fed us amazing homemade sauce over noodles and yummy salad. They let us stay and entertained us with their BIG yellow dog, parrot Tiago (See picture above, Tiago on the left, husband featured right.), and BANGLE CAT. In case you don't know what a Bangle cat is, it's half common house cat half LEOPARD.

And let me tell you, the fun did not stop with the Bangle cat (which I mysteriously wasn't allergic to...) because Ted had these folks ROLLING on the floor with laughter. Did I mention how funny my husband is? He's an excellent story teller. Normally I claim this title, the excellent story teller, but it's him these days. I'm a lack-luster pregnant woman who smiles at her husband's tall tales... I hope this is temporary.

In the morning, on Monday, Brett (of the Deru variety) took Ted down to the dealership and the car fixin' was expedited. I watched home makeover shows on the television larger than me, in height, length, girth, and every other way, while Jason (of the Deru next generation variety) came in and out, sending his girlfriend, Tiago, into a tizzy of hellos and good-byes.

When Ted took the truck back to the Omers, they insisted on loading him up with baby goods their 18-month old grandson has outgrown. And if Nemo turns out to be a boy, they're fully prepared to send a full shipment of the rest of the booty.

The car was fixed (although, not under extended warranty) and we pulled out of town by 1:00. We eventually made it home by about 4:47... about.

Oh, and by the way, have you ever been through Seligman, AZ? I have, now. It's pretty cooky.

Greatest down fall of the weekend? Being away from Buddy tied with $115 on the car. (Thank you Hardys and Sprinkles for caring for the first born.) Best part of the the weekend? Being taken care of and not feeling pregnancy sickness almost at all. Now THAT'S a blessing.

In conclusion, if you ever break down, if the exhaust falls right out from under your car, make sure you're in Lake Havasu, AZ. You won't regret it. Lots of laughs, food, fun animals, sweet people, amazing gestures, and anniversary stories that beat all others.

Did I mention the Bangle cat? Yes? Well sorry. I'm still not over that one.


Christi said...

Wow! Sorry about your car breaking down, but I'm happy that you still got yummy food and no pregnancy sickness!!

Heather said...

You sure know how to celebrate! And I am so glad you were well taken care of, next time my exhaust falls off I will make sure we are in Havasu City and throw ourselves on the kind and loving mercies of the locals.

Great story by the way and I think this will be added to the "anniversary stories that beat all others", you certainly have beaten all mine!

Whitney said...

...we are two peas in a pod...shhhhh :) (This goes with your earlier question that I never responded to)

The Haban Family said...

How CRAZY!!! I too love Lake Havasu. I have some friends that live up there. It's such a fun city!!! Oh, and super glad your prego sickness is going away!!!

The Graham Crackers said...

Hi Kelly! It was good to hear from you! Congratulations on the baby by the way! Your husband told us the night after our tithing settlement. We are sooo excited for you guys! Babies are so fun and you're going to be such a good mom! So when do you find out what it is, or do you already know?

The Evans Family said...

WOW! What a tender mercy-filled anniversary story! DEFINITELY one to "beat all", as Heather described it! Glad you're all safe and sound.