Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Who loves Big Bear Lake?
Well, most likely people who like the water and enjoy fishing and boating and parasailing (and have money to parasail - egads!) ... but, me too. I love Big Bear Lake. It was such a get away. I don't really fall into any of those other categories. I like water sometimes. But not green muddy water. And I like to go out on boats every now and then, I guess. But I'm not an avid boater. Luckily there were tons of fun things to do at the lake that didn't require me to turn my bathing suit the color of algae. Actually, I only wore my bathing suit in the hot tub at our cabin.

Here's some pictoral delight to share the fun of our vacation:

There are bears everywhere. I mean, I know it's Big Bear Lake, but you can't go anywhere without seeing a bear. Here is acutey we found at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo. It was fun because even though you don't see tons of crazy animals, you do get really close to them. Some of them were rescues, like the three-legged bear.

We tried to hit the local spots. We like to do that. Find places to recommend and what not. We went to a little hole in the wall that we were expecting mroe of atmosphere wise. So we got our food to go - ordered the waitresses sugestion - and went to the beach for some real atmosphere. Our Sandwiches were flippin' huge! - We each only ate half and were stuffed. But they's menichical ducks kept trying to attack us and that was NOT fun.

When we were visiting my parents in Irvine, we went to Knottsberry Farm. It was a blast! We took Jake and Anna, my brother and sister. Anna stuck with me on the no-so-scarry rides, but Ted and Jake did the thrill seeking thing together. Ted couldn't resist this monster of a water ride and he got soaked. That's what he wanted though! Look at the drop ... yikes!

Siiiiiiiigh. You can't beat a Big Bear sunset. I mean, I've seen some great sunsets but this was just right for vacation. Not the most rapterously beautiful sunset ever, but calm, quaint. Just right. It was beautiful. It was like an over-priced Flagstaff in CA with lots of bears all over ... but it was a great get away.

Add on our go-cart adventure, late night in the hot tub eating chocolate cake and watching movies on the lap top, romping with Buddy, off road adventures, Miss Liberty - the biggest boat on the Lake and our vehicle for a lake tour, feeding fish dog food off the peir ... and bunch of other fun things ... and you get the best vacation ever. So glad we went to Big Bear.

Oh, and by the way - check out this site. It's kind of how I'm feeling today.


Jace & Erin said...

Yours was doing the same thing today! I tried to look at your page and it had the photo bucket background.

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Still there Kelly, your non background I mean. On a happier hote-Hey! Thanks for finding my blog, I don't know how you did, or Candace did rather but I am infinitely happy. Of course I remember you and our little temple outings, my we were ahead of our time. Good to see you, figuratively speaking. I have another blog to stalk, er I mean follow! :)

Heather said...

Sorry, I had to delete my post due to a spelling error, completely unacceptable! And again, good to hear from you!

Seeker said...

Hi! Thanks for your visit to my answer your question, yes, I did design my template...but it was through much sweat and near tears, LOL! Yours looks great! Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to help although I don't claim much technical knowledge, LOL!

Craig and Lisa Hardy said...

I love the vacation pics. It looks like a great time.

The Evans Family said...

Kelly, I can't access your "daisydays" blog!! What's wrong?!?